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Re: Visited Olympia Flight Museum

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Thu Apr 08, 2004 03:28:05 AM

In reply top Visited Olympia Flight Museum posted by Mike Henniger on Wed Apr 07, 2004 10:16:00 PM

Sound like you had a fun trip, I look forward to raiding your webshots account for the registry


: I finished work early today, so I took a trip down to Olym
: pia today. The Skyraider, Avenger, N3N were in the hanger
: . The P-51 "American Beauty" was there as well.
: There were some interesting airframes outside including an
: English Electric Lightning, there first one I have seen.
: I also had the pleasure watching a mini airshow. Well not
: really, but while I was there an H-47 came in for touch a
: nd go. Also a Bell 206 came in and landing right in from
: of the museum's ramp. It looked light it might be some ki
: nd of forestry service machine.
: I will post pics when I get them back from the lab.
: Mike

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