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Trip Report Continued

Posted by Mike Henniger on Tue Apr 06, 2004 09:23:31 AM

Trip report continued?

I mentioned in a previous posting that I had been to Paine Field. When I was there I drove around the perimeter looking for things of interest. I saw a B-52 not far from the Me 262 project facilities. It looked to be quite weathered, but in reasonably good shape. The tail number started with a ?9_? so it may be a B-52G. Will give more details when I get my pictures back. Nearby the B-52 was a Cessna O-2 obvious maintained in flying condition. It was in a white and light blue camo paint scheme.

At another part of the airfield I found a Harvard/Texan in a Golden Hawks paint scheme. I got the impression that this one would do well to be placed under a roof. It looks like it was in need of a new coat of paint. Parked right beside it was a Fouga Magister with c/r N312DM (if my memory serves me correctly). Not much else to report from Paine.

Earlier in the day I toured the Museum of Flight at Boeing field. They present the aircraft quite well with many hanging from the ceiling. Some people don?t like to see the aircraft hanging, but it does provide some very nice photography opportunities other than the stand front quarter level shot. With the different balcony levels it also allowed you to get some shots from higher levels. If you are an avid photographer I would definitely recommend you visit. Outside was one of the newly arrived Concordes, and across the street a former presidential 707, the first 747 and a former NASA 737. It is a very nice museum, but I hope to be able to visit again in the future when they open the new section.

After the museum of flight I visited Paine, but returned to Boeing Field to drive around the perimeter. I found a B-47 which I could only get shots of though the chain link. I think they will turn out well. There were also about a half dozen UH-1s on the east side of the field. They may belong to the Sheriff?s Department as one or two were in such markings, but most were still in their Army markings. Also at the south-east corner I spotted a weathered DC-3. The lighting just wasn?t good, and it was quite a distance from the perimeter. I might get a chance to get a shot of it before heading off to work this morning.

That is all for now.



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