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Want to See a Grown Man Cry?

Posted by Mike Henniger on Mon Apr 05, 2004 10:26:55 PM

See him Seattle, with a flight arriving late. Make it so by the time he has his act together he arrives with only a 1/2 hour to spare to see the Me 262 Project. Watch him rush into the building in anticipation of photographing the Me 262 reproductions. Then... then... watch him read the sign that says "No Photography".

Yep. It's true. Nearly cried! SNIIFFFF....

I should have taken a picture of the sign! They stated the owners didn't want people taking pictures. I don't understand why, but the people writing the cheques get the final say.

Oh well. The nice lady did give me a very nice tour and I saw White 1 and the second production airframe (mostly assembled). I also saw the other three fuselages, and the wings for the third which are being built (in anticipation of an order).

Updates on my trip to come.



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