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Warbird Politival Active Group

Posted by Rob Rohr on Sat Apr 03, 2004 03:48:59 PM

Hi All,

As most of you know I've been real buy with letter writing to varoius Gov. Officials.

I had a nice talk with the director of ICAS and he sujest that I talk withe EAA PAC person well I did alittle suffering today and it seems that as a group Warbirds don't have a PAC that speaks us in DC.

Qeustion for all of you espically the owners and operators.

Should we as a group form some sort of PAC that can get are point of concern be it the USN policy the Air Tour problems ect.

If yes then how should we go about this I'm looking to form some sort of a lose group that can speak on all of are behalfs.

Please feel free to either contact me off line leave something here.

Thanks Rob

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