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Oxygen System -- reposting to bring thread to top....

Posted by Randy Haskin on Sat Apr 03, 2004 06:07:57 AM

: : Vlado -What if the O2 system fails at that altitude? Doe s Jack have a back-up?

"I do not know at all what he has for O2 equipment for either Mustang. The prudent pilot would hopefully have some sort of backup at those altitudes."

In every jet I've flown where back parachutes are the order of the day, the chute has a reserve oxygen cylinder in it, good for about 10 minutes. The bottle is hooked into the CRU-60/P where the oxygen mask plugs in, so all you have to do to use it is pull the cord to actuate the bottle. It's really for high-altitude bailouts, but can also be used to give a good O2 flow if the main system craps itself.

Do the chutes that you guys fly with have this?

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