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Brewster Corsair et al

Posted by Dick Phillips on Fri Apr 02, 2004 03:33:17 PM

By now most of the WIX readers have probably read most of the newspaper stories and web postings, concerning the U.S. Navy's crusade to stop good tax paying civilian historians, from recovering or owning, abandoned Navy aircraft.
There is something we can do as individuals, to try to correct the problem. One way, NOT, to do it is to sound off like a "loose Cannon", as one person recently said on some website forum.
What we can, and have to do, is write a personal letter to your Congressmen, Senators and to the Sec. of the Navy,
politely insisting that they do whatever is in their power to get the Navy to change their policy, regarding that abandoned equipment. Just imagine the overwhelming power of letters from everyone who reads this and other aviation related boards, and the thousands of people we can reach at events such as Sun N Fun, next week in Lakeland, FL and Air Venture 2004 in Oshkosh in July. I for one, will be at both those events.
Thanks for listening.

Dick Phillips

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