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PS. Same mgazines has Mystery Mustang No.3

Posted by Paul McMillan on Tue Mar 30, 2004 04:00:03 PM

a new listing

P-51D 44-13521 under restoration with Maurice Hammond

This is not on any of my survivor lists either!!

According to this web site


its history is as follows ;-)

44-13521 P-51D of the 339th Fighter Group's 504 Sqn. It was coded 5Q-B named "Marinell" Piloted by Capt. Bradford V. Stevens.

History: Taken on charge 30 June 44. Lost 13 August 1944 - Lt. Myer R. Winkelman KIA


Also it states that the ex Aces High Casa 2-111 of Paul Allen has left the country after its Norfolk holiday.....

And Cees will be pleased cos there is an article on the Northern Ireland Wildcat!!! (so he gets an update at last!)

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