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Re: Plane Sailing Catalina - well done!!!!!!!!1

Posted by john parker on Tue Mar 30, 2004 05:04:40 PM

In reply top Plane Sailing Catalina posted by Neil Bridges on Tue Mar 30, 2004 02:02:42 PM

: Hi
: Just to let you all know Plane Sailing Catalina touched do
: wn at Duxford at 18.10 today safely although with the port
: engine feathered.When interviewed by local TV who were th
: ere for the arrival the pilot said they were checking to s
: ee if the props would feather ok after having no promlems
: during the flight but the port engine would not unfeather
: so they had to land on one engine.

Well done to all concerned - a difficult trip and more aircraft a Duxford - Things are looking up

John Parker

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