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Concerning the Navy's aircraft recovery policy (long--sorry)

Posted by Dan K on Tue Mar 30, 2004 11:46:21 AM

Hi All,

I realize most on this board have probably already examined this, but for those who might not have (and may be interested):


Knowing the "observation point" from which the US Navy (more specifically--the NHC) views those who have an interest in warbird recovery is, in my estimation, invaluable. I personally find most interesting (make that "infuriating") the portion of this document which details primary motive for recovery: money. Certainly profiteers exist in virtually every endeavor, but how can the examples given in the document serve as proof for the NHC's stance? Was Quonset's PRIMARY reason for recovering the Hellcat purely financial gain? Pure(and erroneous) speculation. From what I've been able to observe Quonset Air Museum is far from a money-making enterprise. Can any informed person find the supportive logic in the statements regarding the TBD being worth one or two million dollars ONCE RESTORED? Clearly Director Neyland understands the enormous expenses that would be involved in the recovery and restoration of the Devastator. Clearly Director Neyland understands that most aviation-oriented museums don't have this level of financial resources at their disposal. This portion of the document seems a blind grab at emotions rather than solid factual ground from which to defend ones stance on the issue.

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