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Re: Soplata's collection ?

Posted by Mike Henniger on Mon Mar 29, 2004 07:38:00 PM

In reply top Soplata's collection ? posted by Dante Cosentino on Sun Mar 28, 2004 11:56:15 PM

: Does anyone know how much of his collection remains?? I h
: ave seen no pictures more recent than 10+ years ago.

Hi Dante,

If you click the WIX Gallery link above, then go down to WIX Downloads and click that link, you will find a list of aircraft that are/were on the Soplata farm. I have tried to indicate when aircraft arrived and departed the property.

The information is based on published lists from the past, informal interviews with people that have been there (Steve Tournay is one for example), and photo evidence (again from those that have been there but also the web). It is probably more complete that what you will find anywhere else regarding the Soplata collection, but in no way is it garanteed to be accurate.



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