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P-51 Patsy Dawn

Posted by Neil Medcalf on Sun Mar 28, 2004 11:51:53 PM

Hi- I'm looking for information for a friend of mine who's trying to find out more about the P51 Patsy Dawn 44- 72202- SAAF 325 and it's accident. The following is off the Mustangs Mustangs site. My friend is trying to find a photo of the crash in particular. Thanks- Neil Medcalf

01/09/45: Delivered USAAF

12/21/46: Delivered RSwAF 26112 F4, later F16
1952 Dec: Delivered Dominican AF FAD 1917
1984: (Johnson Av.)
1987: SAAF Historic Flight -restoration
1993: SAAF Museum -restoration
1998: Flying again as SAAF 325
2001: suffered a wheels up landing (repairs began)

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