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Re: P-38: Ethell crash redux

Posted by Gerry Hagan on Wed Mar 31, 2004 07:32:15 PM

In reply top Re: P-38: Ethell crash redux posted by jcw on Mon Mar 29, 2004 09:42:47 AM

When he landed he had no forward momentum at all and therefore was impaled in tree stumps. We had to cut the aircraft up to be able to dislodge it and to also make removing it from the hillside more manageable. Historical significance took second place to removing the hazard (read aircraft) but in hindsight (which is always 20/20) if we had days or weeks to get it off then yes a teardown could've been done that would've facilitated an easier rebuild but time was a luxury and we lacked lots of it.

Sincerely Gerry

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