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Re: Ferrypilot Bates P-51D Mustang

Posted by GT on Sun Mar 28, 2004 03:03:20 PM

In reply top Ferrypilot Bates P-51D Mustang posted by GT on Sun Mar 28, 2004 02:53:26 PM

I have recieved an answer from Norway about JG5 losses on the two dates and here it is:


I have noted that 8 Bf-109s was airborne from Kjevik on the 10 April 1945.

Time 1715-1739 the Germans take a low flying formation with 6 Me-109 against Allied aircrafts and opened heavy fire against them.

1 Bf-109 shot down and crashed down in "Nandesund/Sandesund? "near Torr?ya.

On the 14 April 1945 operated Coastal Command Beaufighters escorted by Mustangs here and a airbatle took place in Lista area. German fighters was airborne from Kjevik and Lista.

16./JG5 lost Unteroffizier Heinz Schoppert (KIA and Unteroffizier Willi Voltmer (Noch suchfall/vermisst) and also one Gefreiter Bahlmann from 13./JG5 or IV/JG 5 was KIA this day, but I have no knowledge about how and where.


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