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Spitfire XVI TB382

Posted by simon king on Sat Mar 27, 2004 03:18:28 PM

It seems TB382 has ceased to exist..............

According to the new FlyPast, the former RAF Exhibition Flight Spitfire which was on charge to BBMF has been completely reduced to spares and struck off charge.

(Peter - is that right??????)

Wonder why this has happened in this day and age of virtually anything Spitfire being manufactured afresh??

Surely a complete airframe with known provenance is worth more to a collector than the sum of the(tired)components.

ps the MSG/PRU Blue XIX looks superb!

what about the substantial SM79 wreck in the desert shown over on the FP Forum..............

and what about the Pakistan Air Force Halifaxs (one of which is shown this month) - does anything remain??????


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