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Airshow in Glendale, Arizona this weekend.

Posted by Chad Veich on Fri Mar 26, 2004 04:18:23 PM

For those in the greater Phoenix area, the Glendale airport is having it's Thunderbird Balloon Classic this weekend (March 27-28). Probably won't be a big turnout of heavy metal but as of today (Friday) their were a few interesting warbirds on the line. They include:

- TBM Avenger
- Bob Deford's Allison powered Spitfire replica
- Ellsworth Getchell's Sea Fury
- Corsair "Marines Dream"
- P-38 "Porky II"
Plus several Texans, Trojans, Stearmans, a Nanchang and the like. The CAF B-17 "Sentimental Journey" is also reportedly to attend although not on the field as of this afternoon. Two F-15s were also on the field as well as the usual aerobatic contingent. I imagine there will be more military hardware on static before the show starts. See you there!

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