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Re: TFC Curtiss Hawk 75A - no replica.

Posted by Graham O on Sun Mar 28, 2004 02:58:42 AM

In reply top TFC Finally admit they have a Curtis 75 Hawk! posted by Paul McMillan on Fri Mar 26, 2004 12:23:56 PM

I saw the Hawk wings in NZ before work started on them. Thought they were 'challenged' P-40 wings at first but on closer inspection....number of rivet holes in the match angles, gun bays, wheels wells etc....I can't speak for the fuselage but the wings were every bit the real deal - i.e. either Hawk 75/P-36, or Tomahawk.
The project has obviously enjoyed the benefits of much new metal. So many warbirds have already done so and will continue to, either to bring dead machines back to life from crash sites or just to keep existing aircraft serviceable and free from the effects of fatigue and corrosion. That's just the reality of aluminium airframes. I believe this project also enjoyed the infusion of some original components sourced elsewhere, such as an intact tailplane from the USA. As I recall, this initiative was originally underway with a French group before being acquired by TFC. I have seen enough evidence personally to accept this as an original aircraft.
I have a Curtiss P-40K-10 in my hangar, in poor condition having suffered a forced landing, abandonment, bush knives etc. It is far from pretty but it is clearly a genuine WW-II wreck, the fuselage and wings all coming from the same machine. Once work commences on the airframe restoration, I guess it is at risk of being labeled a 'replica' by those on the sidelines. Better to just enjoy the fact that folks are throwing serious resorces into allowing the public to see these machines in the air, rather than to try to criticize their pedigrees.
Truth-man you need to ask the "Is the glass half full or half empty" question, then enjoy these machines while you can.

: I picked this up on the Flypast Forum!
: http://www.fighter-collection.com/hawk/

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