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Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Thu Mar 25, 2004 08:21:46 PM

I just wanted to point out that anonymous posting is not allowed. I have been lax in enforcing this rule but people have taken advantage of this to make inflamitory statements. I will from this point on be on the lookout for these type messages and will be deleting them. So please use a name or identifier when posting. You don't have to use your full name since I respect peoples right to privacy, however you do want your posts to be credited to you. Credibility drops when a person makes a random unidentified post, nobody takes you seriously.

We are all adults here regardless of age. Let your words indicate your maturity. Please respect others and remember that personal attacks will be deleted. (Personal attacks include referring to owners of specific projects in a derogetory manner even if there names were not used.)

We are here to have fun, exchange information, and make friends. Please keep that in mind.

Scott WRG Editor

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