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Re: Another Mystery Mustang

Posted by Dick Phillips on Fri Mar 26, 2004 03:28:03 PM

In reply top Re: Another Mystery Mustang posted by joe scheil on Fri Mar 26, 2004 01:38:15 PM

: Dan,
: The serial 44-63791 was issued to the USAAF on 13.12.44 an
: d possibly saw service due to the time spent there in the
: UK as she was shipped overseas. I have no record for her
: in an 8th AF squadron however. The aircraft arrived in Sw
: eden March of 47' and was brought on strength 11.10.47 aft
: er rework from her long inactivity. SOC 31.10.52 she arrr
: ived in the Dominican Republic in 1953. Serialed as 1926
: she was written off in an in country accident in 1967. Th
: e accident airframe probably went to TFA for parts and the
: serial numbered airframe dissapeared. The paperwork appe
: ars to have resurfaced, though I have not seen the website
: ...

As stated by Joe, this machine did arrive in Sweden in March 1947 and was serialed FV 26086. It was sold to the FAD in 1953. After the accident in 1967, it is not known if the parts remained in storage in Dominica or if they were traded to Trans Florida Aviation/Cavalier, as payment for overhaul work done there. My guess is that they stayed in the FAD and the parts went to Brian O'Farrell along with the remainder of the flyable mustangs and spare parts. The people at WARBIRD RECOVERY might be able to shed some light on where they obtained the project.

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