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Re: F4U5N Corsair FAH 609 is now inside a Hngar

Posted by Geraldina Lagos on Fri Mar 26, 2004 06:36:49 PM

In reply top Re: F4U5N Corsair FAH 609 is now inside a Hngar posted by Rob Mears on Thu Mar 25, 2004 10:41:37 AM

: Best news I've heard in a very long time :) I was just lo
: oking at an old print of 609 sitting amongst the other Cor
: sairs back in 1979. Amazing she's remained sitting outdoo
: rs until just four days ago! Excellent move on part of th
: e museum.

In't it?
I am proudly Honduran, and during the 1969 war I was very little, but still remember those moments, when our beloved country was cowardly invaded by the salvadoran. As well as I remember our brave pilot's courage, defending it territorial integrity. Yesterday, being at my office, I open the FMAH page, and almost right away I got in tears, with such splendorous sight!

If there is more honduran reading this page, please we need your generous contribution. It's going to take the most of our effort and good will to make this project a beautiful reality. Please, give as much as you can, we'll truly appreciate it!.

Best regards.

Geraldina Lagos-Davis

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