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Another denial

Posted by Elliott on Fri Mar 26, 2004 07:08:26 AM

In reply top Hmmmm... posted by James D on Thu Mar 25, 2004 07:31:22 AM

I have also been told categorically that nothing is there - by someone very well plugged in.

: This is from the guy who raised Campbells Bluebird K7, who
: I should have thought would know a thing or two about the
: lake...
: "yes I've heard of the Sunderland flying boats, (in White
: cross bay)unfortunately they're not there. The story went
: that they were not only built there in secret but they wer
: e flown in to be repaired after they'd either worn out or
: were damaged. All of this is true, what is not true is the
: story that several of them were found to be beyond repair
: at the end of the war and were simply sunk on site. The s
: tory persisted for many years until a gentleman suffering
: from some terminal disease decided to team up with his son
: and settle the issue. They did a great deal of work in th
: e area with side-scan sonar and turned up precisely nothin
: g. Shame but there you have it. There's a story of a Lanca
: ster in Wastwater that I haven't been able to authenticate
: or debunk yet.
: Bill Smith.
: (Bluebird Project Leader)"
: Interesting!
: cheers
: James

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