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Still need the diameter! Are the tips round or square?

Posted by bdk on Thu Mar 25, 2004 06:38:11 PM

In reply top Re: P-47 Hamilton Standard prop with cuffs? posted by Cees Broere on Thu Mar 25, 2004 11:36:32 AM

B-29? C-97? But then the diameter should be quite a bit larger than a P-51.

In the blade designation, "A" would designate "shank fairings," i.e. blade A-7027C-8 is designed to allow cuffs. That blade without cuffs would be simply 7027C-8.

A & B series R-2800's used S.A.E. 50 spline hubs while the C-series used S.A.E. 60 spline hubs.

R-3350's used 60 spline hubs, as did many R-4360's.

Could be any on of these series of props: 24E50 24E60 34D50 34E60 54H50 54H60, maybe there are more too!

: Yes, it looks like a Mustang prop and it would have fitted
: one very well too, but the remains of the propshaft indic
: ate that it was fitted to a radial engine (most probably a
: P&W 2800),and certainly not a Merlin. So that rules out t
: he Mustang or you must know about a very obscure conversio
: n. This is to show that not everything is as easy as it lo
: oks at first sight.
: I cannot reach the splines Brad so there is no way to get
: that piece of information. The whole unit is fuzed togethe
: r thanks to the salt sea water.
: Cees

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