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CAF Hq Airshow and WIX Meeting!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Alan Brooks on Tue Mar 23, 2004 10:49:19 AM

I will not quite spill the beans yet, still a couple of things to work out... but this years 2004 Airshow is going to feature some significant additional warbirds on the ramp, plus our own CAF birds......some from the west, some from the east, south, and north! Pretty vague isn't it? Newly airworthy CAF birds should include
Arizona Wing B-25 and the Dan Lawson sponsored Hispano! Yeah, I know we were waiting on the Hispano last year. This years show theme is built around the 60th anniversary of D-Day. Steve Rister, myself, Chuck Gardner, Bill Green, and several others will be in attendance for the show.... Also Steve and I will be building a page for aircraft attending the show on his website, warbirdvideo.com. Trust me, there are more than a few surprises, some of which may not come through until time for Airshow... which by the way, is the first weekend of Oct. Ok guys, you may start speculating now..... can't wait to see what you think!!!! Scott, email me direct and I will send pics for you to post of the CAF
P-47N that is under rebuild.... you will not believe this is the same airplane... Doug Jeanes and crew have it going on!
Alan Brooks

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