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Re: New Wreck found in Oz????

Posted by ROB GREINERT on Mon Mar 22, 2004 07:26:22 PM

In reply top Re: New Wreck found in Oz???? posted by PeterA on Mon Mar 22, 2004 02:46:10 PM


Well the MkV was real, it was just made of fibreglass. Come on Pete that was a long time ago.

Anyway sorry, this little story is not my doing. I always carry a digital camera these days and quite frankly, if I found this it would not be still there.

Still interesting tale. Must be a full moon out there.

: Sounds like a Rob Greinert 'wind-up' to me.
: Remember the the Mk V and the two US backpackers Rob?
: "200k NW of Dubbo"
: : I found this post on the PWD Forum.
: : Does this sound a little fishy to anyone else?
: :
: : I been many places and seen many things but was totally
: st
: : unned and speechless with what I found and its condition
: a
: : nd on Aussie soil.
: : I wont say much but that it appears to have been on reco
: nn
: : aisance and maybe got really lost.It landed on a flat bu
: t
: : ended up under solid stone overhang.
: : Is in mint condition,undisturbed
: : I could not believe it,I know a bit of History and am in
: vo
: : lved in Historical items but never anything like this an
: d
: : this is incredible.
: : The sheer luck or deliberate?? of it ending on the flat
: bu
: : t under a Rocky solid outcrop which has protected it for
: t
: : he past 60 plus years.There is Damage to one wheel and p
: ro
: : p,no persons inside,It was not shot down.
: :
: : Large red dot didnt make it hard to work it out when I f
: ir
: : st saw it.There is overgrowth and a tree that well almos
: t
: : grew through it but missed by about 4 feet.Thank goodnes
: s
: :
: : I dont know what to do with it.It is mint and fully inta
: ct
: :
: : I dont care who believes me
: : Dont critisize me or you wont hear from me again.
: : This is not my computer but a friends and he does not kn
: ow
: : I have posted it so its no use asking my friend,or chas
: in
: : g
: : Please ask sensible questions and we will go from there.
: : I have left it fully intact
: : post some Jap plane pics and I will id it for you

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