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Re: WIX "B" Flight Meeting in Ottawa

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Mon Mar 22, 2004 04:42:18 PM

In reply top WIX "B" Flight Meeting in Ottawa posted by Mike Henniger on Mon Mar 22, 2004 10:59:52 AM

Depending on my schedule I would be interesting in attending meeting of the "B" flight of the WIX Canadian Wing. I recently realized that Ottawa is only roughly 8 hours from me so it's not too bad of a drive for an overnight trip. Anybody have a couch or floor I could crash on? :)


: It looks like those in the "A" Flight had a good time. I
: wished I could have been there. There was some interest i
: n the "B" flight, including Andrew and Michel? There will
: also be a few others in two for the Aviation Reserch conf
: erence. Would anyone be interested in getting together th
: is weekend?
: Regards,
: Mike

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