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Re: Spitfire warbirds photos - Australia No1

Posted by john parker on Mon Mar 22, 2004 05:19:26 PM

In reply top Re: Spitfire warbirds photos - Australia No1 posted by Mark V on Mon Mar 22, 2004 04:46:57 AM

: The Spitfire Mr Church sadly died in was EE606, effectivle
: y a new build aircraft constructed with some original part
: s. RR232 (ex Peter Sledge) was owned by Mr Church but his
: organisation did not get round to carrying out any work o
: n it and it did not fly in his ownership or since. It is
: currently being worked on and should see the light of day
: again in the fullness of time.


Thanks for this it straightens a few questions out for me I though Peters machine was restored too quickly but this as was reported in the local aviation press at the time - I am now pleased that the Spit will fly again and i will look it up next time I am over there- it was the first Spit I ever sat in !!.

On the engine front something curious must have happened because the engine installation was definately a little too long but this could have been for some other reason allied to the restoration. I certainly yield to the experts on this.

Anyway I was pleased that the photos created some interest

Kindest regards
John Parker

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