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Yes, thanks! N/T

Posted by Jim Church on Sun Mar 21, 2004 11:54:29 AM

In reply top Re: Hi could somebody try this link and tell me if it works posted by john parker on Sat Mar 20, 2004 10:09:09 PM

: : Hi John, the link works fine! Thanks for sharing those p
: ic
: : s of the Firflies! I've always wondered, is the RAN Hist
: or
: : ic Flight aircraft still activly flown? It isn't usually
: c
: : ounted any time the subject of fliers is brought up....
: : Jim
: Hi Jim
: A long time ago I had the pleasure of helping with the RAN
: HF and the Museum in general.
: The problem with their A/C is that it has a long history o
: f engine hassels such as alternator and oil leaks - never
: too bad but without the proper resources it was never able
: to afford the time and money it required to keep it in th
: e air for an extended period and a lot of the motivated st
: aff kept leaving etc. Safety was however always a priority
: so it was not flown under risky circumstances.
: I believe some of the "new generation " are having a go at
: getting it up and running again as it is listed as under
: restoration in the just released australian aviation annua
: l.I guess you could class it as "almost airworthy"
: The Museum has another example as shown in my shots. It is
: a pity that Firefly has a poor record as a warbird as the
: y are a great looking machine in the air
: Kindest regards
: John Parker

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