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Posted by john aprker on Fri Mar 19, 2004 10:48:23 PM


I have been going to airshows in australia for 40 years and I have around 40,000 shots to show for it.

I thought I might start posting some of these for you to see.

Please note I didn't always have the best equipment as some of these were taken on old kodak instamatics etc some were also aquired from friends and aquaintences ( acknowledged where appropriate)

My first installment is of Fireflys at airshows in the 1980/1990s featuring WD828 which was recently restored yet again and is flying in the USA. Mike Wansey was the first to get this machine flying in the 1980s but it crash landed after engine failure and was badly damaged. Subsequently it was repaired using parts exchanged with the pole mounted example(which was put back up after the crash parts were refitted to it).

WD828 was subsequently sold to the US where it was rebuilt and now flies again there as an award winning aircraft.

If you all like these I will post regular archieved shots for you

John Parker

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