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Re: Get your remotes ready, and beer in the fridge

Posted by PeterA on Sat Mar 20, 2004 04:03:40 AM

In reply top Get your remotes ready, and beer in the fridge posted by Lee on Fri Mar 19, 2004 09:59:28 PM

The Great Escape,

Way back in the early days of the formation of Canadian Warplane Heritage in 1972, I had lunch with one of the patrons/supporters, one John Weir. 'Scruffy' Weir in the 'Great Escape', I gathered later. I think he was a colleague of the late Alan Ness, one of the founders of CWH. A great lunch - I wonder if he is still about - and I wonder if he will figure in your documentory.

Lee, please let me know.


: To the Canadian bloggers on this board "The Great Escape"
: is on the History Channel at 9pm EST with a 1 Hour special
: starting at 8pm EST on the Canadian connection to the sto
: ry. Hosted by Anne Medina
: Happy clicking guys.
: Lee

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