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Thanks All

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Wed Mar 17, 2004 05:36:41 AM

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has made the WIX forum and the WRG site such a success. We have finally acquired a relatively stable revenue stream that will allow us to move to a dedicated server at the end of the month. This will allow unprecendented expansion of the site and allow new features such as streaming video and a site specific search function. I will also be experimenting with replacement software for the forum. I'll be looking for something with a similar look and feel of the current one but hopefully with a better search function and a bit more stability. 2004 looks to be a promising year for the site and I appreciate your continued support.

Scott WRG Editor

P.S. A special thanks to Jagan whose suggestion helped make this possible. I appreciate it.

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