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Static displays at Luke AFB, Arizona

Posted by Chad Veich on Tue Mar 16, 2004 02:06:54 PM

I took the opportunity to visit Luke with my Brother-in-Law and snapped a few pics of the static displays. These are inside the main gate and are not generally viewable by the public. I had not seen them in several years and was very happily surprised at the amount of work which has gone into their display. The area is much like a small park with lots of green grass and several memorials related to Luke personell. The aircraft are situated on sloped gravel drives and each looks well maintained. Even the paint work appeared well kept with the exception of some on the top surfaces which are directly effected by the 100+ temps in the summer time. All in all a quite suitable reflection of Luke's history. Please visit my webshots album and take a look if you are interested.

Luke Static

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