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Re: Stuka remains in Holland

Posted by Dave on Fri Mar 12, 2004 05:57:47 PM

In reply top Stuka remains in Holland posted by Cees Broere on Fri Mar 12, 2004 02:07:01 PM

Hi Cees

Glad you liked the article . Looks like a bit of activity featuring the type in Poland and Russia going on at present ..although details are scarce at present so we will have to wait and see ....


: The latest CW arrived this afternoon and I have spent some
: very enjoyable time reading all the interesting stuff ins
: ide. I liked the article on the Stuka very much.
: Just wanted to let you know that in holland there is a sec
: tion of wing, used formerly in the Technical University at
: Delft, now in the care of the Military Aviation Museum at
: Soesterberg. The section is in natural aluminium and the
: inside is visible through the access panels. The stencilli
: ng of the manufacturer of the skinning is cleary readable.
: Although it is quite some time since I visited the museum
: , I don't know if it is on display at the moment, think I
: will pay it a visit soon.
: Cheers
: Cees

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