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Re: XP-40Q possibilities

Posted by Mike Henniger on Tue Mar 09, 2004 04:47:25 PM

In reply top Re: XP-40Q possibilities posted by Nathan Milarta on Tue Mar 09, 2004 03:52:16 PM

: There were 3 XP-40Q's. The first 2 were used from existin
: g P-40K airframes, and they looked almost the same as the
: XP-40K.

I have been following this thread with interest as the XP-40Q has to be best looking of the Warhawk line. Nathan's post reminded my that I should check Joe Baugher's list. The three QP-40Qs were built from...

P-40K-10-CU USAAF s/n 42-9987 c/n 21371
P-40K-1-CU USAAF s/n 42-45722 c/n 15523 (note: Sold 27 May 1947)
P-40N-25-CU USAAF s/n 43-24571 c/n 32510



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