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Avro Products in Argentina

Posted by Richard Woods on Mon Mar 08, 2004 09:19:15 AM

Hi all,

After seeing the remains of Lincoln SX924 on the Air Pirates website and sitting through the movie "Evita" once too many times I've started wondering about Avro products that were supplied to Argentina.

I found a list kicking around on the net of the Lincolns that were there, and there seem to have been quite a few accidents. So maybe there are wrecks out there...

The thing that bugs me is there is no real mention of what happened to the rest? I know there are at least two preserved in Argentina.

There also seems to be little record of the Lancasters that were out there, yet pieces were donated to the RAF for PA474.

I was just wondering whether anyone knew anything about the fate of these airframes (keep having a sweet mental image of a field with a derelict Lanc/Lincoln in a corner in the weeds... ) or if anyone knew of someone I might be able to contact who would know.

Richard W

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