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Re: Ugliest civil conversion

Posted by Scott WRG Editor on Mon Mar 08, 2004 05:56:12 PM

In reply top Re: Ugliest civil conversion posted by Steve T on Mon Mar 08, 2004 12:47:09 PM

: How about the "Silver Sixty" Invader conversion? Avoiding
: modifying the centre section sparwork by extending the fu
: selage DOWNWARD was inventive...but the potbellied result
: looked like Honey I Blew Up The Shrike Commander... :-)

Heh, I can imagine. I always wanted to modify an invaders bomb bay with a hydraulic lift to accomadate a Harley. Would be a great RV for attending airshows. Unfortunately the main spar would probably interfere or it would end up looking like the one you discribed.


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