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Re: Donrier Do 26V-2 in Narvik Harbor (links)

Posted by Mikael Olrog on Thu Mar 04, 2004 02:27:58 AM

In reply top Donrier Do 26V-2 in Narvik Harbor (links) posted by Lynn on Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:00:40 PM

The instrument panel, some engine parts, one propeller, toilet seat and a door has been preserved in different Norwegian museums.


: Ok, so it's in very rough shape, but more has been done wi
: th less... what is the rationale for leaving this extraord
: inarily rare aircraft to rot, while Ju 52s and Ju 88s are
: lifted and restored? (Note: I am very happy the Junkers a
: re being brought back to life, but still would prefer to s
: ee the Do 26 above water)
: Lynn
: http://www.inner-space.co.uk/photos/detail.a
: sp?album=2&pic=47

: http://www.inner-space.co.uk/photos/detail.a
: sp?album=2&pic=48

: http://www.inner-space.co.uk/photos/detail.a
: sp?album=2&pic=49

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