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Sorry I couldn't!

Posted by Jason Pence on Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:33:56 PM

In reply top I attended posted by Tim Savage on Wed Mar 03, 2004 10:21:57 AM

Hi Tim:

OK, thanks. Wish I could have gone, but so soon after the CAF MidWinter staff conference, I needed to actually do some business-running!!

Doug's a good guy. He had a LOT of good stuff to say in Midland recently on the subject of safety.



: : Hi all:
: :
: : Just wondering if anyone went to NWOC this year and coul
: d
: : give me a brief summary of what was discussed.
: :
: : Thanks
: : Regards
: :
: : Jason
: Nothing really earth shattering was discussed. A good pres
: entation from Precision on radial engine operation, great
: stuff from Covington, good medical panel and a great safet
: y presentation by Doug Rozendaal. I am sure I am leaving
: something out...but it was a good time.

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