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Re: Did I miss something???

Posted by john parker on Wed Mar 03, 2004 06:44:20 PM

In reply top Re: Did I miss something??? posted by Scott WRG Editor on Wed Mar 03, 2004 06:26:05 PM

: : Hello Scott
: : Sorry to hear that this is such a great forum too. Glad
: a
: : ttacks like that are dealt with a heavy hand.
: I'm sorry when its necessary, but antics like that have do
: wned two great forums in the distant past and I will not s
: ee that happen here.
: Scott WRG Editor

Well done Scott - You have my admiration and support - I love this site - it often brightens up my dreary public service day - I would hate to see something damage it.

Kindest regards
John Parker
: P.S. Great picture of FM159 btw.

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