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Re: Dropped off the radar...

Posted by Andy West on Tue Mar 02, 2004 02:23:45 PM

In reply top Re: Dropped off the radar... posted by Tim Savage on Tue Mar 02, 2004 09:29:00 AM

: : I haven't been out to FOF lately, but was thinking about
: h
: : eading up there this weekend.
: :
: : While it's a long shot, I was hoping that he may decide
: to
: : bring it to Tico. I'll keep my fingers crossed for tha
: t.
: : :)
: :
: : Maybe he plans to unveil it at Sun 'n Fun? That would b
: e
: : more consistent with his usual M.O.
: :
: : -Tom
: I didn't see it at FOF the first week of February, but tha
: t doesn't mean it isn't there.
: The tour guide said that Kermit is sending his P-39 to New
: Zealand or Austratlia for restoration.

Tim et al,
wasn't it that Murray Griffith's Precision Aerospace in Australia was doing P-39 restorations for a whole bunch of customers?

I know Precision gotta hold o' the P-39F, 41-7215 that had been painstakingly restored to static by the Cairns Aircraft Recovery Team (CART) - Precision bought it with the intention to return it to airworthiness.

There some mention in Classic Wings Vol.10, No.1 that Precision's intention was to "complete three flyable P-39s" with two earmarked for owners in Australia and the USA, and the third (at that time) still available.

Further details anyone?

London, England

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