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The above message should have been on the P-40 posting

Posted by Will on Wed Sep 05, 2001 09:13:38 PM

In reply top I am always on the look out for parts or sections posted by Will Fowler on Wed Sep 05, 2001 09:10:46 PM

Sorry, this posting should have been carried on to the string for the P-40 posting from Graham, what can I say, its been a long day:

Hi Graham,
: We have spoken on a few occations, I support your comments
: , this type is really a wonderful warbird, it has all the
: lines of a classic and even better, most of the projects o
: n offer have excellent WW2 histories, they really are in m
: y opinion a much more interesting investment than say a ne
: w build P-51D (but I would not say no to one of those).
: Anyway, I am always on the look out for P-40 odds and sodd
: s (Tony, you know of anything?) I do think that a wise com
: ment was made to this posting and mentioned on others, the
: warbirds projects that are being sold need to be priced c
: orrectly, people are not like they used to be in the late
: 80's and early 90's, they will not pay silly money anymore
: for a pile of junk where most of it is only fit for the s
: crap pile with only a few castings or I.D plate is still u
: sable.
: There are a lot of options now open to people wanting to b
: uild or restore a warbird and I think its a good thing, a
: good case in question is the large number of P-39's and ot
: her rare warbird projects sitting on a German web site(and
: I am not picking on them, just using them as an example)
: that have not moved since they were posted, they are just
: priced at silly prices, the sellers do not think the publi
: c know how much it is going to cost to restore these birds
: , but people do now.
: Well its just my two penny's worth, the P-40 is a wonderfu
: l warbird.
: Regards,
: Will

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