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Arkansas TBM mystery solved! Attn: Scott, registry update...

Posted by bdk on Wed Jul 16, 2003 06:34:05 PM

On Monday I flew to Little Rock and then drove to Weiner, Arkansas (near Waldenburg), about a five hour drive round trip. This was the the site of a derelict TBM, last reported and photographed there in August 1994 by George Singleton.

It turns out that the TBM was only trucked away last January! It was located on Sally Wofford Airport (8M2).

I drove up to a hangar on the airfield, noting an SUV with a Warbirds of America sticker on it. Upon inquiring, I met Tom Wofford, owner of the airport (named after his wife). It turns out that he actually flew the aircraft last when it was ferried from Idaho in about 1984. He even had in flight photos since he and a friend flew two TBM's back and took some snapshots along the way.

The person who had purchased the TBM (for $60k), had asked Tom and a friend to help restore it. As the aircraft got closer to flying, the owner seemed to come by less frequently- there was a thought that maybe he was afraid that he might have to fly it! Eventually this person got sick (and later died) and the aircraft was sold. It was recently resold to Wes Strickler and was moved to Columbia, Missouri in January. The N-number is 9429Z Bu. No. 91714. The FAA record already reflects this change.

Tom was very friendly (and very healthy looking 77 year old gentleman), and took the time to tell me many interesting stories about TBM's. Tom was in the USN stateside and was crew on a TBM, but was not a pilot at the time so he never got to fly one. Years later he purchased and restored one to full military condition and flew it at many airshows. He later sold the TBM, and it was later sold again to Jim Cavanaugh in Addison, Texas. It was painted in a tri-color scheme, but Cavanaugh had it repainted dark blue when it was rebuilt once again.

Tom told me that he really likes how the TBM flies. It is very stable and easy to fly. He hopped right from a Cessna 195 into the TBM and had no trouble at all. He later flew a T-6 and said that the T-6 was MUCH harder to fly!

Anyhow, I didn't see any TBM's on the trip, but it was well worth the 5 hour round trip drive from Little Rock to meet with Tom (and solve the mystery)!


FAA Registry
N-Number Inquiry Results

N9429Z is Assigned

Assigned/Registered Aircraft Aircraft Description

Serial Number 91714 Type Registration Individual
Manufacturer Name GRUMMAN Certificate Issue Date 12/02/1999
Model TBM-3E Status Valid
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Single-Engine Type Engine Reciprocating
Pending Number Change None Dealer No
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code 53214101
MFR Year None Fractional Owner NO


Registered Owner

Street 2801 BUTTERNUT CT
City COLUMBIA State MISSOURI Zip Code 65201-3538
County BOONE



Engine Manufacturer WRIGHT Classification Restricted
Engine Model C14AB AC BA Category Forest

A/W Date 06/06/1960

TBM N9429Z Bu. No. 91714

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