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Ok, this is going to be long and painful.........

Posted by Indiana Tony on Mon Nov 19, 2001 04:04:41 PM

Just found an Italian Scuba site, that seems to specialise in WW2 aircraft.

Not happy with some of the translations, which imply that aircraft have been moved from previous locations, but all in all, there is a lot....

Aircraft are listed by location, so if any of you are fluent in the Lingo Italiano, you better go here.....


You can't cut and paste anything, which is a pain in in the ass, but don't worry, the Indiana Information Service (IIS) is working on it now....

So, here we go....

Small commercial aircaft wreck

Naples.. remains of a B25 at between 27 and 70 metres
Ischia .. B17 NorthWest of the Island in 60m +
Capri.. Point Carena B17 in 75m structurally complete.
Salerno.. 24m Ju88
Point Licosa.... Remains of german bomber in 45m
Palinuro Head.. JU88 in 22m

Marche e Romagna
San Giorgio.. 4 miles out in 12m possible Me110

Lazio.. Between Montalto and Castrate.. Me 109 in mud at 31m
Civitta Vecchia.. B25 in sand 25m
Furbara.. Unidentified aircraft, failed recovery
Ponza Island.. British A20G at 60m,very good condition turrets still turn. Aircraft appeared to have been well ditched, crew escaped.
Bolsena Lake.. B17 at "great depth" surveyed but not recovered.
Between Cerceo and Capo Misero..Italian Coastguard, estimate 20+ large wrecks, based on fishermens netloss reports. Wreck depth varies from 9 to 370m


San Remo..Fiat BR20 at 47m
Levanto.. Mitchell at 25-30m


Otranto..Cant Z501 at 50m
Isole Tremiti.. Mosquito at 10m between SanNicola and San Tame. Unidentified Bomber wreck at 70m South of San Tame.


Cagliari.. B17 wreck, in pieces
Comino Head..Corsair


Palermo..JU52 at 48m . Unidentified wreck in the same area at 80m


Foci di Po.. Intact T-Bolt at 32m
Ligano Sabbiadoro.. B17 at 10m , wreck in bad state, as numerous souvenir hunters have had their bits. Aircraft was shot down on return from Trieste.

France (Meditteranean Coast)

Marseilles.. Latecoere298 Ju88 and a Mirage all at 50m
Isle de Planier.. Me109G in a reasonable state 45m
Marseilles Le Ciotat.. P38 at 30 m, condition bad.East of this P38 another has been discovered, with the Pilot on board, investigations continue.
Tolone: Do24 in pieces at 40m. French B26 scattered over a wide area, between 30-55m near here, and an Etendard IV in the same area
Carquerianne.. He111 at 80m in a good state.
Giens.. P51 at 80m in an excellent state of preservation.
There is a Stuka in the same area.
Lavandou.. Royal Navy Wildcat at 52m, I have posted piccies on this one, wreck rapidly becoming a home for permanent marine life.


Calvi.. The B17 we all know about, and a Me109G in the same area.

Bastia: Heinkel 111 at 30m, strcturally complete.

Well, that's that :0)


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